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The existential crisis happening in education because of is kind of ironic to me. School systems around the world are so focused on grading and busy work that they've forgotten the purpose of education: learning.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/dshap_automator/st

debugged a real-time data issue for 2 days, turns out my graphql query started with

query MyQuery {

instead of correctly

subscription MyQuery {


most desperate family dinner debate:

- a table full of signaling-believing relatives without college degrees from the 1980s
- they’re convinced that an engineering degree in 2022 is unconditionally useful for whatever field they assumed I’m in (and apparently FAANG is a field)

great easy reads this week: 1passwords' blog posts do an incredible job at explaining how their services work. super fun reads as well.


IRS + ID.me identity verification includes a LIVE VIDEO CALL with an agent...

For someone who chooses to order coffee on a mobile app... this is a lot...

美国也算是体会了一下中国春运的节奏。各大机场都乱的不行,航空公司客服要排4-6小时的队😅 我突然对我下周的航班都没多少信心了

If iCloud Keychains have Chrome for macOS support I’d switch to it from 1Password immediately. Oh well, what are the chances of that happening…

@an it’s even more confusing with the execution of hierarchy. Views are not actionable. Views are not list-able. I think it falls within the same importance & hierarchy of information as the timestamp. But they made the decision to front and center it.

On the other hand I would even take a more arbitrary number like “voice strength” or whatever that’s more relative to users’ networks. Views is so annoying.

thank you auth0/jsonwebtoken for your early christmas gift bag of all these dependabot alerts, super appreciate it 🙏

@matthewstanciu paid a little more attention to Woolly past few days, it is super nice for people coming from the official Twitter client! Ivory is a little higher of a learning curve but super worth it.

I’m also really excited about Mona (from maker of the Spring app for Twitter) 👀

@ifvictr these, and Metatext (which I think recently stopped maintaining -- was pretty decent), Mastoot (another free one on the app store), and a few smaller ones. So far favorite is Ivory and Woolly.

Joined a bunch of Testflights of Mastodon clients and I’m so glad that some of the best teams and indie developers have collectively taken on this challenge and shipped super fast 🚀

There’s just so much craft and attention given to even the earliest builds of apps like @ivory and Mammoth. And they’re both still only testing!

just migrated my account to a chinese-speaking server, so expect to see bilingual content from me 👋

刚刚把账号迁移到了一个中文长毛象实例,今天开始可能会用中文发推 😊


茶码: 结庐在人境,而无车马喧